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Texas songwriter debuts her first music album.

Leadership Coach

Higher Ed professional starts leadership training and coaching business.


Psychologist branches out and starts her own practice.

Non-Profit Group

Non-profit group seeks to attract a wider online audience.

Texas Songwriter

Texas Songwriter debuts her first Music album

Candace is full-time working professional who has been working more intently on her singing and songwriting career over the past few years. She wanted to create a website to showcase her music. Candace was experienced with website management but she came to me because she needed more help with the design process. Specifically, she wanted a one-page website that allowed visitors to listen to a sample of her music, purchase her album, and see her upcoming tour dates. Additionally, she wanted a design for the release of her first album. Like her music, she wanted the album art to be personally significant. She provided me with her favorite photos and I created a website and album art that represented her as an artist. 

One-Page Informational Website

Candace Hastings - Homepage

Custom Album Art

Little Things Album Art

Spotify Player & Buttons to Music Platforms

Web player screenshot
Bandcamp button
Spotify button

Tour Date Calendar Built Into Website

Screenshot of tour dates web feature
Higher Ed Professional

Higher Ed Professional Starts Leadership Training and coaching Business

Christine approached me about a side business she wanted grow. Working full-time in higher education meant she was busy and didn't have time to figure out setting up a website on her own. She needed a website to advertise her leadership workshop trainings and consulting services. She knew she wanted to encourage customers to schedule a meeting with her rather than call her outright, so I included lots of opportunities throughout the site to book a meeting with her. Since leadership training is her area of expertise, she gave me a list of motivational quotes. I incorporated them throughout the site and designed a custom typography design to showcase on the home page for greater "curb appeal." She also knew she wanted a symbolic plant included in the design of her website, so added a modified illustration of a borage flower in the header.

5-Page Informational Website

Christine Gravelle Homepage

Custom Typography Quote Design

Typgraphic design of the quote "The difference between success and failure is a great team"

Dedicated Testimonials Page

Screen shot of a testimonials page

Lots of Opportunities to Encourage Potential Clients to Book with Her

Screen shot of a button that says "I'm Ready"
Screen shot of more contact and book now buttons
Screen shot of a free consultation button

Psychologist Branches out and Starts Her Own Practice

Amanda decided she needed a website because she was ready to start her own therapy practice. She had been working in an office with a group therapists, but wanted to branch off. Messaging was very important to Amanda so we worked together to craft messaging that was relatable and also genuinely reflective of her therapeutic approach. Since she was serving clients in a certain region, including a map of her location was important. She also wanted a custom contact form to help her be more prepared before talking with new clients. Her new website allowed her to start her own practice and grow her client base more easily.

5-Page Informational Website

Amanda Heaney, LPC homepage

Interactive Map

Screen shot of a map

Custom Contact Form

Screen shot of a web contact form
Non-Profit Group

Non-Profit Group Seeks to Attract a wider online audience

This non-profit organization started an online group in response to the pandemic. The response was positive and the group steadily grew so the group decided they wanted to create a website to house information to help their members run meetings, share event information, and allow members to easily donate money online. Staying connected outside of their meetings was important, so I added an email subscription form on the home page. The group had an audience of new and returning members, so I added some quick link buttons at the top of the homepage for returning members. Paypal and CashApp donation buttons are prominently featured next to the meeting description making it easier for members to keep the group running. The group now has all the important information housed in one spot making communication with current and new members much easier. 

5-Page Informational Website with Donate Buttons For Easy Payment

Screen shot of ACA home page

Quick Link Icons Above the Main Menu

Screen shot of quick links buttons

PayPal and CashApp Buttons

Screen shot of donate buttons

Subscribe to Email List Featured Prominently on Home Page

Screen shot of email subscriber form

Events Details Easily Accessible from Home Page 

Screen shot of upcoming events feature
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